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Scandinavian Baking

Enriched Dough

Scandinavian Buns are made with Enriched dough, consisting of eggs, milk, and/or butter – and is sweeter than other dough's. But that is not to say that Nordic baking is heavy on cream and butter but rather that it is characterised by the clean flavours and simplicity.


Scandinavian buns will feature cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom. harking back to the days when Vikings encountered spices from India in their travels to Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantium Empire. Berries are another key to adding sweetness to desserts.

Spices are key, and it is important so that you can tell which it is. A cinnamon bun needs to be only cinnamon nothing else.

When to eat

Scandinavians will eat buns as a snack. You can liken it to a less extravagant British afternoon tea but combined with the Italian idea of drinking an espresso with a pastry for breakfast. In Sweden, the word “Fika”, means “to meet up for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.”

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